"One of my biggest thrills is being able to share everything I know about buying property"


The Effortless Empire

The time-poor professional's guide to building wealth from property

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Jacqui Clarke Co-Founder - Maxima Private

“This book by Chris Gray is about how taking smaller bite size investment decisions can actually maximise portfolio growth and returns. It’s a great strategy and we’ve found it to be the right strategy. That’s why I love it and heartily recommend this book”

In this book, you will discover

  • How to buy better performing properties in better performing suburbs whilst taking less risk
  • Why your portfolio should be a tax haven that allows you to start having more fun
  • 3 crucial tips to stop your portfolio taking over your spare time
  • The exact step-by-step moves you MUST make if you're going to semi-retire in the next 10 years

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Go For Your Life

How to turn your weekdays into weekends through property investing

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Kathryn Williams Business and Finance Consultant

“I bought and have re-read and loaned out Chris’s book “Go For Your Life” several times. Just like Chris’s keynotes, and I have been to a few – “Go For Your Life” is clear and easy to understand, and highly motivating. I recommend Chris and his book to anyone who is interested in investing in property.”

In this book, you will discover

  • How anyone can have multiple properties and no job instead of grinding away and hoping to buy one
  • How it is possible to retire in under nine years through intelligent investing
  • Techniques to leverage income, increase revenue and have more time to enjoy life
  • Ways to make your property work for you - with real and achievable techniques

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Buy and Hold Basics

In this course, discover the four fundamental jigsaw pieces to get started with any investment property strategy.

Level 1

Essential Property Basics

Level 2
Advanced Step-By-Step Strategies
Level 3
Application Only Expert Mastermind
Lee Wisniewski Founder & Chief Broker at Fidget

“Chris is a fantastic communicator, with a vast array of experience in investment property and someone who I trust implicitly for (the right) advice.”

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone serious getting started in property
  • People looking to improve their property fundamentals
  • People considering higher level courses

In This Course, You Will Discover

  • How to get ready for your first purchase
  • Who do you need for a property transaction
  • Where do you look to find your perfect property
  • What to do after purchase
  • What are your options to get started

What's Included

  • 6 training videos
  • Bonus preview of "Build Your Property Empire

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Build Your Property Empire

The advanced step-by-step online course to build your own Property Empire sooner than you thought possible

Level 1
Essential Property Basics
Level 2

Advanced Step-By- Step Strategies

Level 3
Application Only Expert Mastermind
Siew Then Founder & Chief Broker at Fidget

“I have been investing in residential property over the last 10 years, have attended multiple property seminars, and read most property investment books off the shelf! This course is really first-class and one-of-a-kind for the refreshingly transparent and generous way in which Chris shares his method of successfully building a strong-cap-growth multi-property portfolio, and how to de-risk along the way! I would highly recommend this course to both novice investors as a strong foundation, and seasoned pros as there is always more to learn!”

Who Is This For?

  • People who have saved their deposit or are close to having a deposit saved
  • Someone committed to educating themselves and taking the next step on their property journey
  • People who are willing to ignore so called “good advice” from others without a successful property portfolio themselves

In This Course, You Will Discover

  • How to build the correct foundations for any property portfolio
  • Exactly who, when and where to find the people you need
  • Specific details on how to search, choose and negotiate for your dream property
  • How to make your portfolio work for you on turbocharge

What's Included

  • Over 100 training videos
  • 8 week step-by-step course
  • Dozens of cheat sheets, resources and checklists

This is THE definitive property course for building property portfolios

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Your Empire X10

I've never seen an opportunity in the Australian property market like I am seeing right now... And I'm going to walk you through my exact process and strategies so you can take advantage of it too.

Level 1
Essential Property Basics
Level 2
Advanced Step-By-Step Strategies
Level 3

Application Only Expert Mastermind

Andrew Walker Entrepreneur

“The calibre of the individuals, the way they think and being able to leverage off each others strengths is invaluable. I’d recommend X10 to people with a significant income looking to take the next step up in investments and wanting to do things on a bigger scale.”

Who Is This For?

  • X10 is strictly for people who are serious about building wealth through property
  • People who have already invested in property, or have either a strong income or cash reserve and are ready to take action
  • People who are willing to be team players and work together to multiply property success

In This Course, You Will Discover

  • The five strategies I am using to build my own wealth through property right now
  • How ultra high net worth individuals get financing, even when others can't
  • Ways to leverage your own portfolio and increase your income potential
  • How to safeguard your portfolio against any financial downturn, bubbles or corrections

What's Included

  • A 3-day face-to-face intimate masterclass
  • 3 quarterly events with activities and education components
  • Access to the "Build Your Property Empire" course and my "Property Development Syndicate Group" (valued at almost $3,000)
  • Plus more

Your Empire X10 is an invitation only expert level education and mastermind course giving exclusive access to all my own property empire secrets

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Catch Chris Gray in Your Nearest Major Capital City on One of His Upcoming Tours.

Your Empire's Property Investing Update


At these events, discover the latest tips and tactics expert property investors are using today. You will learn what's working, what's hot and what amateur mistakes you can easily avoid to help you save or make thousands.


This seminar is for people who are considering getting started in their own property journey, either through investment property, or purchasing their own home.

An Intimate Evening with Chris Gray


If you are serious about your property education, you simply must attend reknowned media expert Chris Gray's "Intimate" Evening". Chris shares with you the latest tools he is using to build his property portfolio and shows the five strategies he is using to build wealth now./p>


These events are for people serious about their property education and property investor IQ.

Chris Gray's High Income Earners Property Seminar


This seminar explores how high income earners can significantly leverage their property investments using simple strategies not available to lower income earners.


This event is strictly for high income earners ($200k+) and time-poor professionals looking to work with experts to walk them through investing in property now.

To discover Chris Gray's next live events, visit his events page on eventbrite

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