"I want to let everyone know they can make real wealth through property by doing the complete opposite to most people"

Some of Chris Gray's Speaking Clients Include:

Toby Marshall Community and Network Builder

“Chris Gray the CEO of Your Empire presented to a group of 15 CEOs. It was insightful and got a lot of the CEOs thinking about their investment strategy. In my case, it changed how we structured our small property portfolio – and I’m very glad we did as it was not tax effective.”

Flavia Abbate Co-Founder - Cuesports Games

“Chris walks the talk. His strategies and advice is predicated on what he does for himself. I trust that kind of advice over any other hearsay argument!”

Michael Rabey Head of Seniors and Lifestyle Living at BHL Group

“Chris assisted greatly in a number of Property Council of Australia (NSW) events as both a speaker and moderator at various times. His level of engagement is a key quality, as is his ability to quickly and clearly communicate complex ideas to a wide ranging audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for any purpose relating to investing in property and wealth creation.”

Andrew Hyland Lifestyle Solutions - Chief Executive Officer

“Chris was an after dinner speaker for our professional association and has helped advise many of my colleagues on property investment. He is a natural. His presentations are engaging, infromative and valuable. Chris takes the mystery out of property investment and presents clear strategies and a compelling case for action. He is a true professional, well reserached, a wealth of experience and a great sense of humour.”

Deb Carr Publisher and Editor

“I have seen Chris speak on his topic of wealth creation – he is an expert in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to speak at your conference and/or use his services as a way of providing an incentive to your staff. Chris personally gave me some advice on a difficult situation I was in, and this drastically improved matters for me.”

Matt Church Voted Top 10 Conference Speakers Globally

“I love Chris’s relaxed understated style. He has a cheeky way when he presents and a solid authority when he teaches. He really does live his message. He is the weekdays into weekends guy and also I think an absolute master at getting other people to help you get things done. Whether it’s property advise or lifestyle strategies Chris is my new role model.”

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Meet Chris Gray


Personal property portfolio worth in excess of $15,000,000

Media Personality

Trusted media advisor and host of "Your Property Empire" on Sky News Business for 10 years

Buyer's Agent

Chris Gray's company Your Empire has helped clients purchase hundreds of properties around Australia

I've hosted “Your Property Empire” each week on Sky News Business for 10 years and have appeared on all the major Australian television networks for my perspective about property investment. I'm also a regular contributor to major Australian publications and appear on countless property podcasts and blogs as a recognised independent property expert.

Over the last two decades, I have built a property portfolio worth over $15 million starting with just $20k and I want to help your audience get started on their property investment journey too.

Where it all began…

I got started in property with just $20k. To be honest though, at the time I just wanted to move out of home as my mother had put a midnight curfew on me (which I really didn’t care for much).

It wasn’t long before I realised my property was making me money – enough to even buy a porsche. I had to know more.


Today, I run one of Australia’s leading and most respected buyer’s agencies, “Your Empire”, live in a dream house with 360 degree views of Sydney and love sharing my property knowledge with as many people as I can.

It was hard when I got started, because there was hardly any information and resources out there. Today, there’s a completely different problem, with information overload. A lot of people claim to be property experts, but very few have weathered GFC’s, market corrections and are still standing to tell their story.

I can’t wait to meet your audience.

Chris Gray