Chris Gray is one of the most respected independent property personalities in Australia

Alain Henri Chazelles CPD Provider - Events and Workshops for the Architecture, Design and Building Industry

“Chris has spoken at In House Group 3 events several times, each time attracting a large attendance. He always gets fantastic feedback for his talks and guests are consistently positive in their appreciation of his style of presentation and in-depth knowledge of the topics explored. We look forward to more seminars with Chris in the near future.”

Andrew Hyland Lifestyle Solutions - Chief Executive Officer

“Chris was an after dinner speaker for our professional association and has helped advise many of my colleagues on property investment. He is a natural. His presentations are engaging, infromative and valuable. Chris takes the mystery out of property investment and presents clear strategies and a compelling case for action. He is a true professional, well reserached, a wealth of experience and a great sense of humour.”

Andrew Walker Entrepreneur

“The calibre of the individuals, the way they think and being able to leverage off each others strengths is invaluable. I’d recommend X10 to people with a significant income looking to take the next step up in investments and wanting to do things on a bigger scale.”

Anthony Bell OAM CEO - Bell Partners

“Chris has an amazing ability to articulate in an easy-to-understand way the essential guidelines that are required to create wealth through property.”

Want Chris To Host Your Next Television Broadcast?

Carolyn Parrella Executive Manager, Terri Scheer Insurance

“I recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest panelist on Chris’s program on Sky Business. Chris not only educates his clients and viewers on how to build wealth through investing in property; he also provides valuable tips and information to assist investors to protect and maintain their investments. His energy and passion for building wealth through property and in educating others to follow his lead is contagious.”

David Thomas CEO - Think Global Consulting

“Chris is an outstanding speaker, author, coach and presenter when delivering his simple but powerful life-changing message you can build wealth, work less, have more time and enjoy an abundant lifestyle by investing in real estate. He is also independent in his approach, stays far removed from property deals and commissions, and remains focused on the best interests of his investors. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a fresh approach to property investing.”

Deb Carr Publisher and Editor

“I have seen Chris speak on his topic of wealth creation – he is an expert in his field. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to speak at your conference and/or use his services as a way of providing an incentive to your staff. Chris personally gave me some advice on a difficult situation I was in, and this drastically improved matters for me.”

Flavia Abbate Co-Founder - Cuesports Games

“Chris walks the talk. His strategies and advice is predicated on what he does for himself. I trust that kind of advice over any other hearsay argument!”

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Jacqui Clarke Co-Founder - Maxima Private

“This book by Chris Gray is about how taking smaller bite size investment decisions can actually maximise portfolio growth and returns. It’s a great strategy and we’ve found it to be the right strategy. That’s why I love it and heartily recommend this book”

Jonathan Sermon OzForex

It has been great working with Chris and his team on our property journey. Working with someone who understands your ‘why’, has integrity and takes the emotion out of the process, helped my wife and I remain focused on our goals, rather than becoming distracted by emotions. I was particularly impressed when we walked away from a property that was no longer “a good deal” and went back to the drawing board. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris and his team at Your Empire.

Kathryn Williams Business and Finance Consultant

“I bought and have re-read and loaned out Chris’s book “Go For Your Life” several times. Just like Chris’s keynotes, and I have been to a few – “Go For Your Life” is clear and easy to understand, and highly motivating. I recommend Chris and his book to anyone who is interested in investing in property.”

Lee Wisniewski Founder & Chief Broker at Fidget

“Chris is a fantastic communicator, with a vast array of experience in investment property and someone who I trust implicitly for (the right) advice.”

Lisa Rubinstein CEO - The Institute For Human Potential

“Chris is a very generous, knowledgeable speaker who is able to modify his delivery to reach most levels of audience. This is a very rare talent. I found his speaking and programs to be very high quality and value, and give my highest recommendation.”

Matt Church Voted Top 10 Conference Speakers Globally

“I love Chris’s relaxed understated style. He has a cheeky way when he presents and a solid authority when he teaches. He really does live his message. He is the weekdays into weekends guy and also I think an absolute master at getting other people to help you get things done. Whether it’s property advise or lifestyle strategies Chris is my new role model.”

Want To Work With A Seasoned Professional Who Stands Out From The Crowd?

Michael Rabey Head of Seniors and Lifestyle Living at BHL Group

“Chris assisted greatly in a number of Property Council of Australia (NSW) events as both a speaker and moderator at various times. His level of engagement is a key quality, as is his ability to quickly and clearly communicate complex ideas to a wide ranging audience. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for any purpose relating to investing in property and wealth creation.”

Michael Ungerboeck Founder & Group CEO - ADMATIC Australia

First time having used a Buyers Agent and was amazed with the financial upside! Got the property for a significantly lower price than expected by local agents. Will definitely be using Chris and his team for all my purchases in future.

Nila Sweeney Editor - Your Investment Property and Your Mortgage magazines

“The Effortless Empire” dispels the preconception that serious property investment is the sole preserve of the rich. Armed with the commonsense advice in this little book, anyone with a reasonable income can achieve financial independence through property investment.”

Rebecca T TEC - Former speaker program manager

“Chris has presented to 20 of TEC’s CEO groups about personal wealth creation through property with great results. He has a strong workshop that highlights his property expertise and he delivers practical information to our high-level audience. Plus, he’s a really nice guy that our members enjoy talking to for hours after his presentation!”

Siew Then Founder & Chief Broker at Fidget

“I have been investing in residential property over the last 10 years, have attended multiple property seminars, and read most property investment books off the shelf! This course is really first-class and one-of-a-kind for the refreshingly transparent and generous way in which Chris shares his method of successfully building a strong-cap-growth multi-property portfolio, and how to de-risk along the way! I would highly recommend this course to both novice investors as a strong foundation, and seasoned pros as there is always more to learn!”

Toby Marshall Community and Network Builder

“Chris Gray the CEO of Your Empire presented to a group of 15 CEOs. It was insightful and got a lot of the CEOs thinking about their investment strategy. In my case, it changed how we structured our small property portfolio – and I’m very glad we did as it was not tax effective.”

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